Find Quality Sushi or Hibachi Fare at Kobe Bonsai

By all accounts, Kobe Bonsai in Sterling has hit the ground running in its first two months under new ownership. In fact, this steakhouse and sushi bar is quickly developing a reputation as one of the best hibachi spots in the area, as well as one of the neighborhood’s better lunchtime value spots.

As you enter, be ready to tell the staff if you’re planning to have a hibachi meal or if you want to be seated in the sushi bar. The latter side of the building is quieter, with a display of the day’s freshest fish, and a sushi chef carefully preparing the day’s sashimi, rolls, and combination platters. The hibachi side of the restaurant is energetic and lively, with chefs entertaining as they cook. No matter which side you sit on, however, Yelp reviews give near universal praise for the welcoming atmosphere and cheerful, personable staff.