Barcelona Reston: Spanish Wines, Small Plates and a Convivial Atmosphere

Although there are more than 400 options on the wine list and 50-plus tapas to choose from, it would make sense to assume that Barcelona Reston is all about the food and drink. You'd be wrong on that point, though. The creative minds who make up its team say that their product isn't food or drink, it's "fun and happiness."

It's certainly easy to feel a sense of happiness at Barcelona, which is named for the bar-centric eateries of Spain that it attempts to emulate. Before you even think about tapas, select your glass of wine. The impressive list encompasses options from Spain, France, Italy, the U.S., and even Chile, to name just a few. Then, order three or four tapas from the large roster of eats. Although Barcelona's offerings change all the time, you can expect some cheese and charcuterie options, as well as paellas, salads, and classic Spanish small plates such as patatas bravas and croquettes stuffed with ham and Manchego cheese.