Enjoy Authentic Fare at Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant

Chunks of lean beef seared in mild sauce, Ethiopian herbal butter, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. This is the beef tibs, one of the most popular dishes at Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant. Like most of the other entrees, it comes with injera on the side. This spongy flatbread takes the place of utensils. Simply tear off a piece and scoop up the beef tibs with your fingers.

You can use the same approach to enjoy other popular dishes, such as the doro wat. This entree showcases chicken drumsticks, which the chef cooks with onions, garlic, and a blend of spices, then tosses into a stew with herbal butter and a boiled egg. If you want to skip the meat, Enatye offers several plant-based dishes, too, like the vegetarian combo. It comes with a smorgasbord of split lentils (spicy and mild), yellow peas, collard greens, cabbage, potato stew, and other classic meat-free Ethiopian dishes.