The Boutique Bakeshop: A Sweet Collective of Local Businesswomen and Bakers

The Boutique Bakeshop takes a unique community-oriented approach to sweet treats. Instead of a single owner, it was co-founded by three distinct bakers, women with their own small businesses. They joined forces to create a space where they could all come to bake their respective specialty pastries and offer some kitchen room to other local bakers in need.

When your sweet tooth needs a fix, come to The Boutique Bakeshop to indulge. Try the classic Devil Wears Vanilla, a chocolate cupcake capped with a cloud of vanilla frosting, or something more gourmet, such as the chocolate-caramel cupcake dusted with cracked sea salt. If you want a confection you can eat on the go, try a cookie dough or carrot cake lollipop. For anyone with a special event on the horizon, the bakers at The Boutique Bakeshop are ready and willing to customize a special dessert from the cake plate up, just call and discuss your ideas.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Hans