Explore an Animal Habitat Inspired by Nature at Roer’s Zoofari

Roer's Zoofari isn't your average zoo. Instead of caging all of its animals, Roer's lets many of them roam freely in a habitat designed to closely mirror their own. Then tour guides take guests on a narrated safari through the habitat in an open-air bus, which allows them to get up close and personal with the animals (and even feed some of them).

General admission to Roer's Zoofari includes the safari, so hop aboard the next available bus (they run all day long) and meet some of the creatures who live here. You'll encounter zebra, bison, buffalo, deer, and other creatures, many of who you're welcome to feed, as you explore the habitat. The Zoofari also plays host to more exotic animals, like cheetahs and giraffes, pythons and tarantulas, and macaws and parakeets. Explore its many corners to meet all of the critters.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jeanvdmeulen