Explore the Labyrinth of Shelves at Reston’s Used Book Shop

Reston’s Used Book Shop looks more like the private home of an eccentric book lover than a bookstore. Its space is packed from wall to wall with rough-hewn bookshelves that reach almost all the way to the ceiling, each overflowing with used books. Colorful rugs warm up the tile floor, and homey pieces (like a vintage armoire) pop up every now and then in between the bookshelves. The store even has a designated "living room" area, complete with comfy chairs and couches, where book clubs meet and customers sit down for an hour or two to dive into a new book.

Since Reston's Used Book Shop has been owned by locals for 40 years, it makes sense that it would retain this cozy and welcoming vibe. The selection of used books—and their affordable prices—can't be matched by any other shop in town. What's more, if you can't find the exact book you're looking for, the staff can order it for you from a network of other used bookstores. It'll arrive in a few days, and you'll pay the same low price you would've had you found it at Reston's Used Book Shop.