Barcelona Wine Bar: Experience a Taste of the Mediterranean

Ed Sheeran once sang, “Just close your eyes and let’s pretend we’re dancing in the street in Barcelona” and, for many people, that’s the closest they’ll be getting to visiting that classic Spanish city. Fortunately for those of us here in Reston, Barcelona Wine Bar will bring you Mediterranean flavors that just might lead you to dance on those imagined Barcelona streets. 

Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant offers patio dining, if you’d like to mimic that calles españolas experience, as well as take out if you’d rather bring the Barcelona experience home with you. 

Their menu brings flavors across the Atlantic with large plates or tapas, charcuterie and cheese, desserts and more. And, of course, Barcelona Wine Bar has an extensive wine list, as well as beers and cocktails. Whether you prefer reds, whites, or roses, in sparkling or still, or even a sangria, there are options for every alcohol preference. From the food on your plate to the drink that accompanies it, chefs William Lanzy and Mario Mendoza ensure you’ll experience the tastes of Spain without needing to go far from home. Short of hopping on a plane, your Barcelona Wine Bar is as close as you can get to the Mediterranean outside of a catchy pop song!