End Your Valentine’s Day on a Sweet Note at Chesapeake Chocolates

If someone mentions the cuisine of the Chesapeake Bay, or foods popularized throughout the Chesapeake region as a whole, you’ll probably bring to mind crabs seasoned with plenty of Old Bay. Once you’ve visited Chesapeake Chocolates, though, the association might just be forever changed. 

Conveniently located right here in Reston, Chesapeake Chocolates offers a variety of treats perfect for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or any other occasion. Their menu is full of handcrafted chocolates, including truffles, barks, caramels, clusters, and other treats. Bringing the region an extra special something sweet, they even offer solid chocolate crabs, measuring about two inches and available in white, dark, or milk chocolate as the most worthy representation of the Chesapeake Chocolates name. 

Crabs and otherwise, chocolate isn’t all you’ll find at Chesapeake Chocolates, though. They also offer an extensive selection of Virginia wines (the largest in the northern part of the state!), as well as a variety of other gifts, such as handcrafted Haitian PeaceQuilts. 

Be prepared for Valentine’s Day or your next date night with an assortment of chocolates and local wine from Chesapeake Chocolates. Stop by the next time you’re in need of a special gift. Or simply grab a chocolate crab to satisfy your sweet tooth.