Expect Tune-Ups and Pick-Me-Ups at Bike Lane Brewing and Cafe

If you’re a fan of cycling around the city, you’re probably already familiar with The Bike Lane, a favorite local source for bikes, tune-ups, adjustments, and accessories. But, no matter how often you take advantage of their bike rentals or online ordering, you truly haven’t experienced The Bike Lane until you’ve stopped by Bike Lane Brewing and Cafe.

You’ll find two types of brews at this addition to the bike shop, both coffee and beer. Beginning with co-owner Todd Mader’s interest in home brewing, the Bike Lane offers a selection of draft beers crafted in-house, with different selections each week. Alternatively, you can enjoy local foods, like croissants and other pastries, and coffee from Swing’s Coffee beans.

The Bike Lane truly is a match made in heaven in a cyclist’s eyes. Bring your bike by for a tune-up, sip an iced coffee in the sunshine, and use your caffeine-fueled burst of energy to make your way home or head to the neighboring W&OD trail. Opting for a brewery beverage instead? You’ll only need to head two blocks to reach the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station

Cyclists and pedestrians alike can enjoy a brew from Bike Lane Brewing & Cafe—it might even convince walkers to start biking!